When we started growing up into adults, we learnt some good habits and some of the bad habits with times and circumstances. As we grow further in our life and career, we face more challenges and those habits we persuaded in the past, which could enhance our productivity to a new level or could make it a hell.

But still, it’s not too late to sharp those habits. Though it’s difficult to maintain a good habit like taking a good diet, do exercise, make daily journal still there are some simple habits we can practice with very little time and make our life impactful.

Let’s reveal those simple complementary habits which can boost our productivity to a new level.

Make to-do-lists on weekends

The worst thing about our life is that almost more than 60% of our life operates on autopilot. So positively we never do our things with proper habits with a proper routine, so ultimately our productivity decreases significantly with time. Perhaps we have to organize our lifestyles. So the best thing we could do to organize our lifestyle and to boost our productivity is that we should make a proper time by time to-do-lists for the whole week at a time. So that we could be done every bit of our routine and can make our every minute productivity.

Do you remember when you last time complete your whole daily goals? I know the answer to most of you is No!!. It happens because our daily routines are unorganized. So we couldn’t be able to prioritize our works and eventually we fail to get our targeted achievement.

In the last 2-3 months, I started making to-do-lists on Saturday or Sunday evening and implement those routines rigorously on next weekdays and I found it very helpful. It increased my productivity more than ever.

In my experience, keeping daily to-do lists has helped me be better with my time. There was a time when every night I would look back and wonder what did I do over the day. Gradually, I gave up on my habits of not keeping a to-do list for my personal life. I realized it could help to boost productivity in my professional life as well as my personal life too. As I started organizing things in my personal life and keeping a list, things get easier for me.

Making a to-do list is an important first step but prioritizing that list ensures that you focus on the most important items rather than giving in to the temptation of working on less important items.

Drink at least 3-4 liters of water in a day

This may sound silly but it can put a great impact on your well-being. About 60% of your body weight is made of water. Drinking enough water can have a phenomenal impact on your welfare and your productivity. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Sciences actually recommends 2.7 liters to 3.7 liters per day for a healthy human being

2013 study conducted by the University of East London showed that drinking water can result in a 14% increase in productivity, and yet most of us still aren’t drinking as much as we should be.

So, how staying properly hydrated exactly boost your productivity?

  • By drink, the right amount of water before sleep gives relaxation to your system and replenishes your organs which ultimately provides better health.
  • Whether you’re doing physical work or 7-8 hours desk job, enough water intake clear fatigue of your body and keep energized throughout the day.
  • It also cut your unnecessary calories from your diet and required for good health.
  • By simply drinking enough water toxins from your body extracted so that you feel better.

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Stretch Daily

Yes! You hear right. If you are a student or an employed person, you may have no time to do exercise or to do some basic workout. But one of the solutions is that you can do basic stretch moves which will take a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes. Yes! It’s a good idea to deal with healthy habits and a good body. By basic stretch moves the mobility of joint remains healthy, oxygen level increases in blood flow, which ultimately provides a better mood.

Image Credit: bodybuilding.com

You can start with some basic exercises like by doing Standing Hamstring stretch, Strained lower back stretch, Lying Hamstring exercises, ankle to knee, Lying torso twist, Downward dog, plank, cobra pose, child’s pose, forward bend, shoulder stretch, triceps stretch, etc.

Here I am giving the link where you can find all the basic stretch movements for a great start.

The only exercise you can do is “Surya Namaskar”. It has all the benefits you need by simply doing its 12 poses one after another. You can start with 1-2 rounds, slowly you can increase your rounds according to your practice and ability.

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Communicate your problems with near ones

In today’s social media age we almost forget to communicate with our parents or with our near ones. When we get into trouble in our life, we generally ignore it and try to solve our problems ourselves. Eventually, it affects our lifestyle and productivity.

Image Credit: nbcnews

Although the human evolution happened and things got changed gradually and we technically get advancement on social media, we express our thoughts, feelings on the timeline of socioal media feed, still in social life it’s important to communicate our daily activities, our problems, our plans, etc. with our near and dear ones. Even small talk about what’s for dinner can keep your relationship strong and comfortable.

So that our mistakes can be identified, we can get great advice and precautions from our elders. So ultimately we get motivated all the time which leads to an increase in our productivity.

Read Books daily

I know reading books is a really boring activity for some of us but it provides so much value to our life. In the age of social media, we are completely ignoring this gold habit.

Beginning with at least 15-20 minutes per day is a good start. You can read any genre book as your interest, just pick up and read. You will become a better conversationalist.

Slowly and steadily you will see the changes in your thinking and decision-making capabilities.

How reading books daily boost your productivity

  • You will get to know how to act in different circumstances.
  • You will stay motivated in your life as well as in your workplace.
  • You will find a better idea by reading books which ultimately you can apply to your life.
  • 2009 study conducted by MindLab International at the University of Sussex revealed that reading reduces stress by 68%, compared to listening to music at 61% and taking a walk at 42%.

Breathe slowly for 15 minutes

The process of breath controlling for the purpose of restoring mental calmness has been practiced for thousands of years amongst Eastern cultures named yogic breathing (pranayama) is a well-known ancient practice of controlled breathing, often performed in conjunction with meditation or yoga, for its spiritual and perceived health-enhancing effects. Some of the basic forms of pranayama are nostrils breathing (double, single or alternate), abdominal breathing, forceful breathing and vocalized (chanting) breathing, which are performed at varying rates and depths.

Image Credit: bhaktiSadhana.in

By doing these simple breathing exercises you can get mental peace as well as it is very helpful in sticking with habits. Productivity also increases by calming our senses and brains and hence boost our productivity rapidly.

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Get better at saying “No”

I have a hard time saying no. Perhaps you do too. This problem is more common than we think, especially for those who are sensitive. We just don’t like the thought of hurting someone else’s feelings and we are worried about what someone will think of us. I always have a habit of appeasement. Though it is necessary to some extent still when we move forward to our personal and professional life we may compromise with our time to please others or impress others but this leads to worst for our productivity in a long run.

How to say “No”

  • You can simply decline in a polite manner so that you will not hold up anyone’s time.
  • You can honestly say no to others by explaining that you have other commitments to do and you don’t have time.
  • You can simply suggest an alternative to yours so that they can get their work done without you.

Image Credit: Athena Coaching

How saying “No” can impact on your productivity positively

  • You will free from overburden yourself
  • You will have more control of your life, it will really give you a boost to your productivity as you will be able to focus on your goal and get time to improve yourself.

These are  some of my complimentary picks for a better productivity. We all have 24 hours in a day but how we utilize these hours matters the most. When we started any good habits, we definitely face some hurdles, challenges in the road but we have to stick with good wills and good habits for better future and productivity. I hope you will do your best in your life.