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Entrepreneur, Blogger & Explorer

Hello, thank you for stopping by The Fittest Monk!

I’m Jay – the Creator of The Fittest Monk which is a blog dedicated to people who are looking forward to embrace their personality, confidence, style and class to another level in a better way

My blog is for you if you’re a Man

  • Who wants to get absolute confidence in life in any circumstances.
  • Who wants get healthier, fitter and smarter by getting appropriate knowledge without rushing yourselves.
  • Who wants to get financial freedom by doing and scaling side-hustle.
  • Who wants to get the ultimate dressing sense

This is what The Fittest Monk is about – teaching men to be the better version of themselves!

Who am I?

I am a 23 year old Entrepreneur and blogger that currently lives in Bhubaneswar. I have a creative digital agency named Wilyfox Media Co, where I do marketing and make ads for clients.

I consider myself as a “life-long learner”, eager to both building my businesses as well as helping youths through my awesomeness. Meanwhile, I vastly improved my productivity by implementing some strategic time management tactics and ensuring a work-life balance. I believe cognizance in the workplace is the key to success, a tenet I live out through my interests in yoga, meditation, weight-lifting and reading self-help and business books.

What is The Fittest Monk about?

I always have a dream to be fit, confident and charismatic through out my life and I believe every men in this world wants the same for sure.

From very beginning I was fascinated about Lifestyle. Previously I thought that that maintain a good body shape, speak confidently with people, having perfect dressing sense and having financial freedom are rich people’s game. But in reality it’s all about knowing the right stuff and I must say, it’s not that expensive at all.

But unfortunately, we’re kind of direction less, no-one is here to guide us. So, I thought to pen down some worthy words by this blog and make the whole men community proud and hope you’ll find out some awesome stuff here.