Almost everyone in this world procrastinates and there is nothing wrong about this until it is going to spoil our lifestyle. Some of us are also excellent at it, even I used to be a long-time procrastinator. Here I’m going to put my reflection over how procrastination messed up my college life and affected my grades and abilities. However, I’ve made a sensible effort to change my approaches in recent days and I must say I’ve been quite successful in the endeavor. Still, the urge to put off what must be done plagues me.

The main problem is that most procrastinators know they are procrastinating and they also know that it’s bad for them. Some of them tried to defeat it by doing such things such as better time management, making to-do lists, setting up, rewards and punishments unless a person understands and works on his motivation for self-defeat.

Being a responsible youth, it's my responsibility to make you know how devastation of life occurs?

Okay! It’s time to share my experiences.

Lost my precious time

Imagine! How much time you wasted procrastinating. The worst thing is that you are five years older and nothing has changed? Where I have wasted all the time?

A realistic example you might have experienced. When we friends gossip and one of our friends say, ”Bro it’s 2019 but feels like it’s 2012”, then this sounds to be a horrible feeling when we think about how much time we wasted on it.

I miss out a lot of opportunities

Though I was from a tier-3 college, still my college arranged almost 30-35 seminars in 4 years from which I may have attended 3-4 which is very less and the reason is nothing but procrastination. My grade was very less and I was struggling to get a job and the reason was I didn’t do any internships in my career.

Will not able to meet my goals

Ahem! Here you will know the most dangerous part of my life which happened because of procrastination. I started so many things in my college days which could have given better outputs but due to procrastination all of my work remained half-way. I started trading and started an initial process to create a blog but it all remained half-way because of procrastination and I wasn’t able to meet my goals.

My self-esteem gone low

Procrastination makes your confidence level low. I faced it throughout my entire college life. I always dreamt to be an entrepreneur and for this, I should have a spectacular public speaking capability, extreme public relations capability but I destroyed all my potentialities.

Affects my health

Last but not the least; though the most threatening factor of procrastinating is that it affects our health. Due to laziness we procrastinate and take a shitty diet and do not exercise and it leads to major health issues like cardiovascular disease, obesity, etc.

Okay! This is my story. I was 5’3” and 75 kg. You can imagine how weird I would look at that time. Obviously like a potato. Though I ass off and start the workout in my pre-final year and was quite successful in my health too.

Now I’m 5’5” and 61 kg

(The transformation is another story, I’ll share in another time)

Let’s have a glimpse of the reasons behind this

There are a lot of reasons we procrastinate and make a delay in our responsibilities. From my experience and researched-based information here I am giving some of the major reasons for procrastination. Let’s hop on to the topic and know what makes you procrastinate.

Why people run with crowd of unsuccessful roads?


This is one of the main causes of procrastination. We all are worried that we might make a mistake during our work and thereby our weakness would be revealed.

The fear of making a mistake is a real thing but it is the reason we don’t start our work.

I wanted to start a blog from my second year and I was so excited that I found a user name and make an Instagram page, Fb page, twitter handle and even share some post (YAY! By coping from internet) but I hadn’t written a single post from there because I was not proficient at English (I was from vernacular medium, so) and I thought if I wrote with a wrong English people would judge and I waited till I’m writing this post. Nothing miracle happened by trying to be Mr. Perfectionist. This is the effect of procrastination.

Fear of evaluation or negative feedback:

As being from a very amateur mindset regarding achieving targets, like every other person in society, even I also use to always think that what if I get poor marks or bad impressions for doing something out of the track or beyond the box. But now I can say with confidence that thinking beyond the box or creating new options for a target is one of the solid bases to eradicate procrastination.

The setting of abstracted goals:

People are more likely to put off doing something when their goals are abstract, compared to when their goals are concrete and well defined.

Here is my example. When I started thinking to go for the gym and set a goal such as “get fit” or “start exercising” they are relatively vague, and finally, are likely to procrastinate. Later on, I modified it and made it slightly different and that was working for me.

Conversely, a goal such as “Go to the gym Monday to Friday right after classes, and spend at least 30 minutes weight training followed by 15 minutes cardio” is concrete that tends you to take action.

Optimism about the future:

We decide to postpone our assignment for a few weeks in spite of doing at present because we feel that there will be having enough time to get it done later.

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today."

Abraham Lincoln

Low capacity of self-control:

When we control ourselves which means we self-regulate our behavior and we take action accordingly. Self-control becomes crucial when it comes to allowing people to self-regulation of their behavior.

A great example is we’re always low on self-control regarding hours spent in social media, or indulging in bad habits. While we continuously tell ourselves that we will get rid of that in few days, but the fact is that this is the reason for us to delay because in spite of telling ourselves as a sign of content to the soul if we would have acted upon self-control on devastating habits then life would have been different.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD):

I haven’t felt this disorder but I found it very helpful. This is a common reason for procrastination. I’m writing this purely based on stats and info collected. Simply saying ADHD is when we concentrate on a single task for a long period; and when we feel that it’s getting bore, we jump from one task to another without finishing the previous task. The set goal date keeps on coming to mind and you know that you have a lot of assignments to complete but you’re mentally low on energy.

Before wrapping up, I should say that there is enough solution to get rid of procrastination, from dividing a task into smaller tasks to train your mind to engage in productive work. Below, I am sharing some of the experience proven methods and some research-based methods to get rid of procrastination.

"Be a developer for yourself not procrastinator and taste the success."

Don’t try to be Mr. Perfectionist

Don’t try to be a perfectionist before starting work. Nobody in this world can perfectly get the work done. One thing I learned from my past is that get started no matter how hard your dream is! 

This might look dumb but this is what I experienced and this is bitter truth.

Reward yourself

In my experience, this is the most satisfying and fun way to deny procrastination. 

Getting into the process: Make a list of things you need to do. Then give yourself a little reward for doing it (A few minutes on social media etc). Then do your remaining work. This makes your tasks less difficult.

Give Yourself A Hard Deadline, Then Schedule It

Here we need to set a perfectly calculated target of achieving something by hook or crook. In this method, one undergoes hard training for getting his goal with a proper schedule for being mentally, morally and physically fit to hit bull’s eye.

Found the exact reason for procrastination

Basically, in this method, a person should ask himself or herself that whatever target he or she is going to achieve shortly or anything he is going to complete is worthy or not. Meantime, he or she gets the purpose of completing the task and finds a positive reason as well as strong inner strength to do the work with 100% efficiency.

Create a plan of action and implement it

When we found the exact reason why we procrastinating. Bravo! It’s time to have a perfect plan of action and implement it.

Though it might be hard to implement it immediately with the time, it gets easier to complete your target.

Make your tasks smaller

Note it! This is the most proven way to get things done easily by breaking large and overwhelming tasks into small and actionable pieces.

Approaching the tasks by committing to only work for them for a few minutes and you’ll start noticing how your things get done easily.

Keep your workspace clean and organized

Cleanliness has a direct impact on productivity.

My room used to be messy during my college days. It made me so lazy that I couldn’t be able to do my tasks and procrastinate my work. It lowered my productivity so less that even after my college days we things didn’t go on my side. So I started to keep my workspace clean and organized and now I have found an inclined hike on my productivity.

That’s it for today guys. I’ll be back with another value-added topics

“My advice is, never do to-morrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time. Collar him!”

I’ve beaten procrastination, and many others from all lines of work have managed to do so as well. There is no reason why you cannot do this– now it is your chance to go out and make the most of life.

That’s it for today. I’ll be back with another value-added topic.

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